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How to Reduce Caregiver Stress

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Dear Inspired Caregiver

Not only is it important to reduce caregiver stress, it’s more important than ever to prevent Caregiver Burnout. So many caregivers start out with the most compassionate and loving of intentions; sadly, they forget themselves in the mix. Caregivers forget all about self-love, self-care, and self-compassion most of all.

What’s worse than the actual symptoms of Caregiver Burnout? Not even know you are succumbing to it. There’s somewhat of a blind spot when it comes to Caregiver Burnout. You know you are tired, stressed, exhausted physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially, but you don’t realize how deep you are. It’s like going through a vacuum; you just get sucked into the dark, messy whirlwind deeper and darker.

Here are a few tips to help reduce caregiver stress:

  • Preparation – preparing in advance by forming a team, setting aside funds financially to help you through a select period of caregiving time is helpful (if at all possible), opening the lines of communication, finding out what resources are available to you, arming yourself with professional information from elder attorneys, social workers, and a medical team

  • If preparation is not an option, then organization will have to suffice. Organizing phone numbers, keeping schedules, delegating tasks, having family meetings, surrounding yourself and your loved ones with a team and an army of support, remembering your self-care (you are no good to your loved one if you are burned out). Actually scheduling self-care and putting it on your “to-do” list and on your calendar is imperative for both you and the benefit of your loved one.

  • Learning to delegate, learning to say no, knowing your boundaries, asking for help and letting go of the need to do it all and be it all for a little while so you can recharge, and last but not least - journaling. Getting your feelings down on paper and not making them wrong or right helps!

Here are a few checklists to hopefully make your tasks a little easier and provide some basic information: Thank you for all you do and all that you are; take care of you!


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