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Complimentary Compassion Course for Caregivers

Helping Family Caregivers Navigate the Stressful Journey

Create Harmony


Leave Legacies


How to Manage Stress, Create Harmony, and Learn the Art of Self-Compassion

Dear Fellow Caregiver,

If burnt out and stressed out are the words you use to describe yourself these days, this course is for you.

Are You Ready to Transform?

In this complimentary course, you will learn how to:

  • Manage Emotions before Emotions Manage You

  • Discover Self-compassion

  • Reduce Stress: Recreate Negative Emotions into Positive Inspired Action

  • Work Together to Promote Sibling Harmony

  • Make a Difference One Elder at a Time

  • - Help Elders Impart Their Pearls of Wisdom and Leave their Legacies through My © Senior Pearls of Wisdom Journal Prompts

  • Then This Course is Made for YOU