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[Special Report] Increase Family Harmony: Siblings without Rivalry with Bonus Journal Worksheet

Mother’s Day is behind us. As we take time to reflect on the beautiful and spiritual gifts our mothers bring to the table, let’s take time to reflect on our experience of family, as well.

When we all bring our gifts to the table, we all have a feast.

How did it go? Did you notice you were triggered by a sibling? Here are a few exercises to get you going toward more harmony because Father’s Day is just around the corner.


There are people in our lives we must deal with and those with whom we choose to deal with. There is always power in choice. You can choose to walk away from toxic relationships. You can choose to smile and stand firm in who you are, as you nod and smile and silently pray – not so much for yourself, but for them, as well. You can take on being empathetic and you can stand strong in your boundaries by speaking and honoring your truth without making another being wrong, and without always wanting to win the argument.

Because in winning the argument, there is no winner; that’s ego coming to visit. When you stand on solid ground and speak your truth without making yourself right and another wrong, you become like the mighty oak. You stand tall, proud, and firm, your roots growing deeper and stronger. Eventually, your roots will branch out underground even though no one else can see; massive in length and size while the rest of your tree from trunk to branches reaches out toward the light, extending and lending of itself, and bearing food for thought.

When you put down your end of the tug-of-war rope, the game is over; and it’s over because you say it is. You all walk away a winner.

This is the gift of honoring yourself and being a contribution. You can choose to live in ego mind and play the blame game or you can choose to stand tall and remain firm in who you are; take a powerful stance and reach new heights – you, the mighty oak.

Who can I release from fault?

“Stop blaming and start being”

I AM Affirmation: Today I can stop blaming and start being

Time will pass whether we are being angry and holding a grudge; how will you spend your energy.

Energy is like money; how much will you spend or save today? Will you wind up in the negative?

“No one can influence you, if you’ve taken mastery over your own thoughts.”


If we want to shed some weight – no, not that kind of weight, but spiritual weight, letting go sets us free. Why do we hold on to that “thing” that happened in our past then? Whether it is a sibling or a parent, forgiveness is access to freedom; not only for them, but for us, as well.

If we hold on to it, we don’t have room to let anything else in; we thwart our own growth. Did you ever spill something and watch as it expanded and seeped into the fabric of your couch or carpet? Grudges, resentments, unforgiveness are the same. The more we hold onto those, the more they expand. The harder we try to erase it; it just seems to get bigger and bigger. After a while, all we can see is the stain.

If we hold onto our pain, we are basically shining a flashlight – actually, make that a spotlight on it. What we focus on expands – even worse, it grows. It begins to spread and seep into every other area of our life.

See if you can take back your power by letting go of unforgiving emotions that no longer serve you.

See where you can add more love, peace, and joy as you subtract fear, anger, and guilt from your life.

Forgiveness is something you offer “for” someone else; but it helps to heal your heart and mind too.

“Letting go does not mean giving in; it means giving it up…to Him.”


Why Letting Go Sets You Free

Shift Happens When You Just Let Go

When we let go, we grow. We grow in maturity, discernment, and spiritual wisdom. We basically weed our garden for a new crop to grow. If we water the weeds, they will grow; if we fertilize the soil, we harvest more fruit.

Sometimes people hurt us. Pray for the other person in earnest. Pray to God to help them see the light; help them find the path; help them on a different journey toward peace and healing.

Bless them, pray for them, and leave them with peace. It costs you nothing. When you choose your levels of Christlikeness, you will meet people and have experiences who are a vibrational match to that. If you stay in the lower levels of bitterness without forgiveness, you will only attract more to be bitter about. Keeping healthy boundaries is like walking a balance beam at times.



Joy-Full Journal Exercise Twenty:


“Be Faithful – Not Hate-full”

Forgiveness of self, forgiveness toward others. I forgive myself and I forgive _____________________.

If you are in the aura of bitterness, your world and everything in it from the food you eat to the words you speak will be made of bitters; unless you do something about it.

Change the channel, raise your vibrations or change the frequency on which you radiate. Sometimes the remote control is dead, and you need to get up and change the batteries or change the channel yourself.

“If you don’t want to watch a drama, get up and change the channel.”

Power Question: Who can I forgive?

We all have someone or many “someones” to forgive in our lives; whether past or present. Ask yourself this question; take some time to think about it.

Having a sense of (but not living into) our past, being content with our present, and hopeful for our future are the three keys to joy and fulfillment.

Releasing bitterness and anger, releasing grudges and trauma from our mind, body and spirit are keys to embracing joy and creating an enhanced and enlightenment sense of God.

Having hope for the future, forgiveness for the past, and joy in the present moment allows us to experience spiritual living every day – not someday into the future.

Forgiveness is access to freedom. Embrace the day, Savor the moment. Create a feeling of hope and optimism to get yourself in the right frame of mind; right thinking leads to positive outcomes and a sense of hope fuels your joy for today.

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