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How to Find Inner Peace: 3 Easy Steps You Can Take Right Now

How to Find Inner Peace: 3 Easy Steps You Can Take Right Now

There are no coincidences. I bumped into a neighbor-friend I hadn’t seen in years. We were chatting away in the supermarket and I asked her, “What are you doing these days; are you working now that all the kids have left the nest.” Her response made such an impact on me and I can honestly say it was life changing.

She replied, “I’ve raised my kids, took care of a home and a husband; I’ve done enough. I’m not working right now.” I had so much respect for her in that moment for being raw and vulnerable and true to herself. Somehow, her words stayed with me for days, however.

In one of my frequent boats of insomnia, her words kept replaying repeatedly in my head. It came to me, however, when I finally fell asleep. The message had me bolt up out of bed and say out loud, “Yes, my friend, I’ve done enough too!”

In my never-ending quest to do more and be more, what about the concept of “I’ve done enough” – just being content with where we are at and with what we are doing. Stopping to smell the proverbial roses, being in tune with what is, and being present to those who are with us in this time and space.

Somehow, my friend found the right words just by being herself. As much I am not a fan of the overuse of the word “authentic” I must admit that taking on the possibility of being authentic, true to myself, and real has so much appeal now.


Being Authentic

Everyone is wired differently. Some people are morning people while others are night-owls. Some are driven for corporate success and thrive in the nine-to-five while others are more carefree and creative.

When you are authentic, you allow your gifts to shine through and disallow the negative and detrimental patterns of compare-and-contrast. Finding the right path will never be an issue when you are steeped in your own authenticity.


Being Real

Being real opens the possibility of freedom. Even if your life circumstances are not as you would like them to be – let’s face it, how many of us can truly say that all is well all the time. That’s just life; the ups and downs, the mountaintops and the valleys.

How does being real open up to freedom? You can always take on knowing who you are as separate and apart and outside of what your circumstances are. This is a practice, practice, practice.

Believe me when I tell you the feeling of freedom that comes from being free first is liberating and, yes, the right opportunities will always follow from the place of knowingness.


Being True

Once you know who you are and take on being who you are, then comes the doing. Take action steps every day which are in exact alignment with who you are and who you were meant to be.

It could be as simple as a mindset shift, watching your self-talk, or being bold and speaking in front of an audience.

Knowing, Being, Doing – 3 Keys to Inner Peace