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Transformational Journaling: Why It's Important for Healing

There is much research and scientific study on the art of journaling. When you put pen to paper, you receive several benefits.

You get to release; You get to put your thoughts, feelings, and cares down on paper and you get to release them from your mind.

You get to cleanse; the act of putting pen to paper and putting your thoughts down allows you to be vulnerable, raw, and honest not only about yourself but with yourself, as well.

It's like one of those detox diets but only better; you get to allow your feelings without making them wrong and without judgment.

You get to re-create; once you have put your deepest feelings,, thoughts, and emotions down on paper, you can take a non-judgmental stance (kind of like a third party point of view) and hover over them. You can also revisit them a few days later. Revisiting what you write helps you to gain clarity on where you are stuck, what new ways of being you can take on and to turn those negative emotions into inspired actions.

Those inspired actions change your direction. Journaling is healing and transformative.

My name is Ann Agueli, I’m an Award-Winning Author, Content Specialist for Purpose-Based/Spiritual Businesses, and Coach. I teach Transformational Journaling as a way of life. Once you learn the techniques in my book, “Transformational Journaling for Mind, Body, Spirit,” you will learn how to transform your mind, and change your life.

Once you learn to change your mind, you’ll learn how to live out of your heart. What’s available to you is more peace, freedom, and most importantly joy in relationship to self, to source, and to others.

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