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3 Clues You Need a Time Out

Sometimes when you are in the midst of your caregiving activities, you don’t realize when you need a break. To you, stress is becoming the norm and it’s just another day like the one before it. Your friends and family members will see it and maybe even say it to you, but you probably won’t see it for yourself. Or worse, you won’t admit it to yourself or anyone else either for that matter.

Clue Number One

You feel fatigued all the time. Chances are if your elder can’t get out too much, neither can you. Shortage of fresh air and sunshine is a straight path to illness, disease and lack of important Vitamin D.

If you’re feeling tired all the time, don’t simply write it off as typical and understandably in alignment with the caregiver’s role. Pay attention, because you may be headed for caregiver burnout. You may be in need of a time out and catching it before you burn out is key.

Inkling Number Two

You say yes more often than you say no. If you fall into the trap where you’d rather do it yourself than depend on anyone else, you may be headed straight for the intersection of enabling at the corner of forgotten boundaries lane.

If you are saying yes when your temple, mind, and spirit are screaming NO! then it’s time to plan your own time out.

Hint Number Three

If you’ve lost something very important – your self. If you find you are giving up things you love like your favorite sport or hobby, reading, resting, eating right or that spin class at the gym with your friends, you need a scheduled and planned time out.

Remember, you are only as good a caregiver as you take care of yourself. Take care of you so you can best take care of them.