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Just Be Yourself: Who Cares?

The Truth about Who We Are

Who Cares?

Who cares – sounds harsh doesn’t it? We are often so busy creating ourselves, our persona, and then recreating ourselves, and we get lost in a circle of tail chasing. Worrying about who we are and how we outwardly appear to others is exhausting work. It’s one job, I personally, have come to quit – as of today.

I quit worrying about who I am, how I look, what do I do for a living. It doesn’t matter; none of it. The roles I’ve lost and become over the last two years: daughter, caregiver, empty-nester, a mom whose children no longer need her in the same way as they once did, significant other. Now I’m standing here in the spotlight, center stage, yet I have no script and no role to hide behind. Who am I now?

It’s the definition of the words raw and vulnerable. Today, after two years of heart-wrenching work, I have finally found myself at the corner of “I’m just me” at the intersection of “telling the truth about who I am.”

I’m a woman – period. I’m Ann Elizabeth Agueli – period. I am a spiritual writer – period. My gift does not come from me, but as a request from a higher power to express what is put in my heart outwardly to others. Maybe it will touch someone, move someone, or make a difference; perhaps it won’t. Either way, today I own who I am and who I am not.

Yes, I’ve created a writing business; yes, I’ve created a ministry, won a publishing package, won a few awards, spoke in front of people and for those things I am grateful. At the heart of me, though, is someone who is quite content – actually more than content, blissfully fulfilled at owning my truth – I am a spiritual writer. I love family, hearth, and home more than anything. Underneath all the noise and all the layers, that’s who I am at my core. Simple stuff, truthfully.

I love when the Holy Spirit enters and puts a message inside my heart; tucked away like a tiny little secret filled with love overflowing. Today I take a stand for who I am and for who you are. You don’t have “to be” anything else other than yourself. Today, I invite you “to be” yourself and to own who you are because who you are now and who you once were are so happy and joyous at the thought of reuniting.

What You Are Not

You are not the job you do, the roles you’ve taken on, or how you think you should appear to others. Others are, in the same way and in their own way, doing the same thing – hiding behind their own roles.While I've been so busy worrying about what others think - the Holy Spirit let me in on a "big little secret." Sometimes, others are doing the same thing. They are equally as "thoughtfull" (play on words intended) as to how they show up and what others think of them.

Today, we can look at yourselves as we look upon others - no roles, no judgements, no should or should nots, just as who we truly are.

You are spirit-led, divine being created from and by the most high. Inside of you there is a piece of divinity waiting to expand and express outwardly. Peeling back the layers of roles, who stands there before you in the mirror; executive, mom, daughter, wife? Yes, those are your earthly roles; however, deep inside of you – your being – you are you.

Own who you are today; the dancer, the dreamer, the daughter of God, own your self. Dance, play, soar, be Free2Be.