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Has Your Vision Become a Roar?

Has Your Vision Become a Roar?

Are you feeling as though your calling and your purpose were simply a whisper and they are now a raging roar? The thing about purpose is it doesn’t get quieter, it gets louder. What do you do when the small, still voice turns into a roaring inferno? Answer the call within. There are many stages of purpose.

The Spark

The spark is the tiny tickling of your soul’s calling. Purpose begins to flicker from the smallest of sparks.

The Tiny Ember

The tiny ember is when the soft, sweet whisper of your soul’s calling begins to ignite. The fire begins to spread.

Ignition Phase

The Ignition Phase is when the fire begins to spread and gains momentum.

Fanning the Flame

Fanning the flame happens when you take inspired action toward your soul’s purpose every day. The actions don’t have to be huge, but they do have to be present daily. Whether you are adding more wood to the fire, stoking the fire, or fanning the flames, you are in action mode.

Fueling the Fire

When you fuel the fire, it becomes out of control; a raging inferno of desire, passion, and purpose.

There is only so much time we can disregard the calling within. Whether we are at the Spark Stage, The Ignition Phase, or Fueling our Fire to the limit, there’s no way to ignore what once started as a whisper to what is now a roar.

Are you a woman who is tired of being engulfed in her masculine all day long; doing, doing, doing? Are you a woman of wisdom aching to get out and share her feminine, creative, and be of service? If so, ask yourself a few questions:

“Dear Soul of Mine: What do you wish me to do, where shall I go, what is mine to do?”

“Dear Spirit: Guide me, take me by the hand, lead and wherever you go, I will follow; free-falling effortlessly like a feather landing gently where you intend.”

When the inner burnings of your desire are tapped into, heard, and released and the spirit moves you in the right direction, it is now time to take your leap of faith, free-falling with God as your parachute.

Desire, inquire, listen, and leap and the spark will turn into the flame.