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The Three Gs of Abundance

November 7, 2017

Gratitude - When we are grateful for what we already have, we live in a world of I am enough and I have enough. When we live in an “I don’t have/I want/I need” mindset, we create a gap between what is and what is to come.

Growth – when we are playing small we are speaking our truths vibrationally out loud and on purpose. We are comfy, cozy right where we are and “right where we are” is where we will stay – yes indeed. When we are ready to reach, grow and expand, so does our world around us. Our entire universe shifts around us; it’s like one minute it’s nighttime and dark and the next the world spins ferociously on its axis and voila - it’s suddenly day.

When we are open to the experiences (all of them) that life has to offer, we fully live into this thing called life. We take on the possibility of being engaged – fully engaged in life. By allowing ourselves to fully experience it all, we fully live; however, by living small, we stifle, smother and suffocate what could be.

Grace– with all that we are blessed with, I invite you to consider accepting it all with grace as the magic carpet of life. When we accept with grace and ease all that is, we allow all that is to enter with acceptance, grace, and humility, but most of all faith. We have a graceful, easy presence about us that knows that no matter what - all is well in our world and all is intended as it should be. We have our faith to tap into that God walks alongside our human journey until that time when our soul’s purpose here on earth has come to completion.

Whether we have come here to smile at a complete stranger and warm their soul by the campfire of our own light or to be up on stage speaking to thousands, makes no difference. For it is not in the numbers we get to touch, but it’s in the being of love which we already are that creates more abundance. We create a ripple effect; we get to be the pebble in the pond.

I invite you to notice all that is right now; all that is already abundant in your life. Start your day with a “what is” and end it with a “thank you for.”

So Be it!



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