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The Secret Truth about Gratitude

July 19, 2017

A Different Perspective on Gratitude

Being Grateful for Both the Pleasant and the Unpleasant

We have all heard about having an attitude of gratitude. What does that mean to you? Does it mean making a list of all great things past and present for which we are grateful? Or possibly, a meaning of only allowing ourselves to have a “glass half-full mindset.” What if we were to collectively look at experiences both pleasant and unpleasant and exercise gratitude for them as well; for the aspects of daily living that come our way like losing a job, a breakup, or a major setback or disappointment?

What if spirit called to us to look at those experiences as ones for which we could be grateful for, as well? Not that we should, just that we could. It’s an invitation, a choice, It’s rising above the ashes like the Phoenix pulling ourselves up from the depths of the ashes and showing us how far we can, will, and do climb and overcome; how strong we are even in the midst of our deepest vulnerabilities.

An Invitation to Take Another Look at Gratitude

It’s an invitation to take on gratitude for all of life’s experiences and take on living fully into life. It’s like a mirror held up for you to see how powerful you truly are in the midst of living a human life. You are capable of super human spiritual strength, provided by divine source. You get to view those trials and tribulations through a prism of superhero, superhuman powerfulness. Without those experiences, how could you know how strong you are?

What if we were to take off our boxing gloves, stop beating ourselves up for mistakes and regrets, instead using that energy light force to bring more awareness, brighter light and higher visions to the planet? What if we fought back against the darkness that tells us we are not good enough because of those experiences, but rather speak that we are higher than those experiential events.

What if they were sacred proving grounds which came toward us for the sole (soul) purpose of showing us we are of strong spirit.

Think about this for a moment; we go through many events during our human course here on earth but we rise above and transcend beyond because we come from spirit, are made of spirit, and exude spirit in all we do because it’s a choice. We choose light over dark. We choose to rise instead of fall. When we choose gratitude for the greatness which was born from unpleasant experiences, we open up an invitation to move through those experiences with more ease and grace. We can take what serves us and leave the rest behind. We can wait with enthusiasm for greater experiences to unfold.

Living Fully into Life: All of It

Gratitude for that which hurt, for the pain, the lesson and the blessing that came with each one; gratitude for what was good - no matter for how brief to show us what is possible, to teach us to look within and see our own limiting beliefs, to say goodbye to them as they don’t serve us or the people we came here to serve in this human journey.

We can take a step back and step out, rise above, break through barriers as we soar in our human moments of weakness. We get to reach out to other beacons of light to uplift us when we are at the bottom of the pit feeling darkness surround us, to extend a beam of light to them when necessary, in order that we may collectively rise again to spread our angelic wings and shed our lights to others.

A New Attitude of Gratitude

We can take on a new attitude of gratitude, seeing through the eyes of that experience what does not work, what does not serve, and the invitation to recreate through this lens.

Gratitude for the pain – for in the pain of human understanding is the discovery of healing and truth. The most valuable lessons are uncovered through these experiences. We can then ask ourselves, what have we become aware of, what did we uncover and more importantly, what is possible for us next time - all the while living fully into this thing called life.