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What's Your Spiritual Gift?

May 22, 2017

What’s Your Gift?

We all have gifts we bring to the table, His table. Why not have a feast? Let’s all bring our gifts to the table and share instead of compare. My gift is the gift of compassion. I have so much compassion that some days it hurts to be me.

I need to hide away at times from the world and regroup and recharge because my compassion meter is set on high. I feel so deeply into this thing called life. Joy is ecstasy. Pain and sorrow are excruciatingly painful. I was always the one who wanted to take home all the strays and love all

the elderly and feed the hungry; I could go on and on. These are our spiritual gifts and while we might find them painful at times, we must honor them as gifts; core, inherent gifts.

It’s in the honoring where we can nurture, grow, and share.

There are so many gifts; the gift of leadership, the gift of intuition, the gift of foresight. What’s your spiritual gift?