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What's Your Marketing Mindset?

May 23, 2017

What’s Your Marketing Mindset?

If you are like most spiritual folks, your mindset is different in many ways and on many levels. Not only do you think outside the box, but you think around the box and underneath the box, as well. It’s not easy being different from the rest.

When it comes to business, you probably recognize your mindset is different in this area, as well. You have inherent, natural gifts which stand out as original, outside the box, and (unfortunately to some folks) unusual.

Intuitives and empaths find it difficult to express themselves and who they are in the world, never mind the obstacles in explaining their businesses. How do you write an elevator speech for your spiritual business? And then there’s the world of marketing. Most people cringe (even if it’s just a little) when they hear the word, “marketing.” Spiritual business owners might even have a harder time with this term.


What do you think of when you hear the word marketing? Do you envision that you will have to take on the persona of a pushy salesperson or do you cower and cringe at the thought of doing a book-signing? How about public speaking about your business; does that make you sweat? What is your marketing mindset and, more importantly, how can you recreate it?

Sit with the term marketing for a few minutes and be raw, vulnerable and honest, what comes up for you? If you’re like most spiritual entrepreneurs, it’s uncomfortable to market yourself and/or your products.

It’s uncomfortable for most business people, but for spiritual entrepreneurs there are different sets of challenges. With all that needs getting done, sometimes spiritual entrepreneurs simply need to check in with their busy minds.


Once you recognize that your story is surrounding marketing, that’s good news. You can always recreate that story to have a happy ending for you. There is another view you can adopt when it comes to marketing.

It’s not about me – If you think back, you started your spiritual based business because you had spiritual based talents and gifts and, quite simply, you wanted to share them with the world. You recognized you could help others – plain and simple.

So, you took a bold step outward and began to shine. This is a scary and daunting task, but one specially made for courageous, bright lights. You must stand out from the crowd in order to shine bright for others.

When you remember it’s not about you (ego-centered thinking) and remember your purpose, passion, and abilities for helping others, it makes marketing seem all that much easier.

When you focus on others rather than yourself, marketing becomes a joy. Recreate your fearful thoughts to “Yes” statements: Yes, I can help you, Yes, I can solve your problem, Yes, I empathize with your situation because I’ve been in your shoes.

After all, spiritual entrepreneurs are here to shine a light on a new way of thinking, a new discovery and a new path. Keep your focus on this ideal and you’ll never have to worry about the spotlight being on you – just your gifts.