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The Thing about Purpose

May 23, 2017

The Thing about Purpose: The Many Personas of Spiritual Artists

There’s so much talk about living your purpose and finding your purpose. When you’re a spirit-led entrepreneur, it’s even harder to define. You might want to crawl under the table (at least in the beginning) when asked the question, “What do you do?” Then there are many characters living inside us we have to contend with, as well. Here are a few; do you recognize any of them living in you?

The Constant Creator

If you are a creative, chances are that you are constantly in creative mode. The light is always green and you are constantly in “go now” mode. While it’s wonderful to honor your inherent gifts of creativity, your inner spiritual mom or dad may have to take the reins once in a while.

You may need to speak kindly, gently, and lovingly to the inner creator and remind them to finish one thing at a time – especially before starting another. It’s a good lesson in integrity to learn.

If you’re constantly in creation mode, you’re never in completion mode. Learning the task of seeing things to fruition is a lesson best learned sooner rather than later. This may come from a feeling of “not good enough-ness.” Perfectionism can halt even the most brilliant of ideas.

The Thinker

Many times, spiritual creators get stuck in thinking mode; always thinking of what they should be doing, how they should be doing, or what it should look like. That’s a lot of work. Thinking too much removes us from our being mode and halts us from moving into doing mode.

Set aside time to allow creativity to flow, time for brainstorming, and then time to be in action. This way, you can satisfy many parts of your brain while still having a completed product or service to share with the world.

The Actor

Do you take on many roles or do you play one part? As a spiritual creator, you may find yourself taking on many roles. You have the heart of compassion and want to save, help, and heal everyone. Sometimes we can get stuck in trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up – long after we’re all grown up.

If this is you, think upon that one thing that makes you smile from ear to ear. Do what you do best, that no one else can duplicate, which flows from you with ease and grace. If you can do it faster, better and with more pleasure, this is your light shining through. You are in the zone. Add in a mix of passion to it and you have the role of a lifetime and an Academy Award in the category of Best Life Ever.

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