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On Wanting More

On Wanting More

Recently, on a drive, the Holy Spirit gave me a message. I was curious about my desire to always want more – not in the way of materials things, but to be more than I am (always). Having set many goals and accomplishing them all and in the space of “What’s Next” I received a divine message.

“Ann, consider your desire for "wanting more out of life" and consider that it is perfectly fine to want more but not at the expense of seeing what you already have right in front of you as already being more. - as being perfectly divine in this moment and space. What you have, what you are, and who you are being is perfectly fine. You and your life are already whole, complete and fine in this moment, as is.

Constantly thinking about wanting and being more puts you in the energetic vibration of not-enoughness and such is not the case, dear sister. So, go ahead and want more and be more for your future self but don't forget to include your present self in the mix. Nothing's missing - only greater and bigger things to come to add to an already-existing greatness.”

There was so much peace in this message. In stepping out of always trying to “get there” the space opened up for “you already are.” What a great platform to springboard from; a place of wholeness, peace, and completion and a pathway to making what already is that much stronger.

This makes room for being okay with where we are at in the moment – this moment, and allowing a freedom of spirit to dream into the future without making the present unworthy. It’s almost like standing in two places at the same time with one foot in the present and another pointing toward the future, but both feet fully planted on the ground.

Now, that’s a trip worth taking.