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Emotions as a Guidepost not a Pothole

June 14, 2017

Emotions as a Guidepost not a Pothole

Your emotions are a GPS, and each of us has their own intrinsic directional guide. Our emotions are here to point out what works and what doesn’t for our own particular ways of being and life journey.

Sometimes we stuff our feelings down or write them down on paper and then burn them; that’s not recreating or acknowledging them. Anger and fear may be here to prompt us to take action. It’s not wrong to be angry or fearful, as long as we don’t stay angry or fearful – that’s the difference. When we effectively manage our emotions as guideposts and not potholes, we can then begin to transform and transcend from there.

We can ask anger and fear, “What have you come here to teach me?” It’s in the asking that the answers will begin to present themselves.

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