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Are Spiritual Entrepreneurs Different from the Rest?

May 23, 2017

To say spiritual entrepreneurs are different from the rest is an understatement. Spiritual entrepreneurs have businesses which are heart centered and spirit oriented. Much of what they do is based on innate, raw talents which often times leave them feeling just as raw and vulnerable. So, how do you take on marketing for such a spirit-based business so it aligns with your heart-centered message?

Don’t Collapse the Issues

When it comes to your spirit-based business, it’s easy to become swept up in all the excitement, passion and possibility of using your spiritual gifts and talents as a ways and a means to earn income. Not only do you wish to earn extra income, but you wish to create a business that sustains you financially, but maintains you spiritually, as well.

Getting excited is wonderful, as it helps to create, maintain, and sustain momentum. However, you have to be careful as excitement can take you far off the course in too many different directions. Don’t collapse the issues. Get excited in the beginning, maintain that excitement throughout your journey, but stay on course.

Learn to separate the passion and the purpose from the mundane and ordinary tasks of running a business:

  • Marketing

  • Social Media Efforts

  • SEO Tactics

  • Video Marketing

  • Guest Blogging

  • Maintaining a Blog on Your Website

  • Networking

These are all daily and, for some, mundane tasks for every entrepreneur. While they may not be as fun or exciting as brainstorming your next big idea or using those spiritual gifts in the first place, they are necessary. Once you get this in your mindset, you’ll see just how easy these tasks are to incorporate into your everyday business efforts. You must get into a marketing mindset.

Know Your Target Audience

It’s so easy to get carried away and when you do, you lose sight of what’s important. More importantly, you lose sight of who’s important – your target audience. While you may want to reach everyone with your message and gift, it’s important to hone in on your target audience.

Who are they, what type of persona do they have, what’s important to them and most importantly, what problem do they have which you can solve for them?

Don’t lose sight of who your target audience is. Online businesses need a qualification which stands about above the rest and this qualification is trust. Why should they trust you with their business instead of the hundreds of thousands of other online businesses out there?

Head and Shoulders Above the Rest

When it comes to marketing, what makes you stand out above the rest? Not only above the rest, but head and shoulders above the rest. Discover what makes you shine brighter than the rest and spotlight this one attribute.

Once you discover this vital secret to your spiritual based business, you uncover the fuel which will keep your rocket fueled.

After that, buckle up your seatbelts and get ready to take flight.