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Rewrite Your Script

January 4, 2017

You've heard the saying that it's a New Year/New You. Why wait for a New Year to create or, better yet, recreate? There's no time like the present is a saying that works better. At any given moment, space or time, you can create a new you and rewrite an old script.

Here are a few tips on how:

Create the thought first. Ask yourself the question - what do I wish to create here? Don't chase the answer. Put the question on an imaginary shelf. Visualize the question on a shelf of its own, release any attachment to how it should look. Allow the answer to come toward you instead of chasing after it. When you seek the questions first, the answers will find you.

When the answer finds you, declare it and share it. It's through the art of declaration that stories come to life. Rewrite your script and make it a good one. What have you been holding on to that doesn't work any longer? Turn bitterness into gratitude for a lesson learned and a blessing earned.

Journal it. In order to recreate, use the power of the pen. When you write something down, it becomes real in time and space. Give your new thought, question, answer and declaration some steam. Writing it down gives it juice. Let it go and let it flow. Rewrite your script.