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The Secret to a Happy Marriage: Pearls of Wisdom Interview June 5, 2019

I went for a walk on my local boardwalk and, of course, I had to chat with an elderly gentleman I met there. He was 92-years-wise. He was proud to announce the accomplishments of his children as nurses and other professionals, and also beamed about his 67-year marriage. When I asked him what the secret to a happy marriage was; he replied "One word - RESPECT." He went on to say respect (not so much as a way of putting someone above you), but honoring each other's differences type of respect. What a beautiful "pearl;" honoring each other's differences as a way to attain a vibrant, rich, and enriched marriage. There's a "pearl" if I ever heard one. Senior Pearls of Wisdom The Inspired Living Ne

Comfort Food ala Grandma

Looking for Comfort Food Ideas; What's Your Favorite Food Your Grandma Used to Make? I remember whatever my Grandma would make, you could Always Taste the Love!

Grandma Wink

Told the new pizzeria owner that her zeppoles tasted so much like my grandmother's. We got to talking and they both have the same birthday! A Grandma wink ;)

Service Freedom Gratitude

To all those who serve(d) to protect our freedom and to the families that sacrifice, thank you and God bless you all!

Share the Beauty

I’ll be spending some time here this weekend, would love it if you share some of your nature photos

What are You Open to Today?

What are You Open to Today? Today, I release resistance and take on the possibility of being open to see what's next. I'm holding onto what's old and, by doing so, keep away what's possible. Today, I am open to see what's possible.

In Honor of Pup Pup

May is ending and June is just around the corner; one year ago in June I helped my best bud cross the rainbow bridge. I want to do something special but can't even bring myself to think about it; Ideas and suggestions truly and gratefully appreciated for celebrating the life of a pet you (still) love after they've gone.

Release, Surrender, Trust

As I awake, I repeat the word surrender as I inhale. I’m letting go of what was and stepping into what is. I hear the whisper in my heart, I am not alone. We are not alone; we are fully loved and supported in divine timing. ❤️