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The Art of Noticing: Creating Miracles

March 21, 2018 Where do you get your inspiration from? Sometimes we get so caught up in wanting to create something extraordinary, we miss out on the beauty and majesty of the ordinary. I invite you to take some time to notice things this week. Make noticing a habit. What does noticing have to do with miracles? Everything. When you begin to notice the things which make you smile, jot them down. Please don’t use the excuse, “I don’t have time.” God made sunrise and sunset and what we do in between is up to us. There’s so much to inspire us every day if we simply (and I do mean simply) take a moment here and there to notice. We can then string those moments together like a string of pearls. Re

15 Spiritual Practices to Instantly Transform Your Life

15 Spiritual Practices to Instantly Transform Your Life March 2, 2018 Ann Agueli’s 15 Spiritual Practices to Instantly Transform Your Life Learn About: The Practice of Letting Go, Forgiveness as Access to Freedom, Falling in Love with the Unknown, Viewing Fear as Love, The Power and Wisdom of Words and So Much More… Award-winning Writer, Best-Selling Author, Inspirational Coach, Ann Agueli is MAKING AN IMPACT one word at a time! I’m thrilled to announce to you today that my Special Report: 15 Practices to Instantly Transform Your Life is now available for you to use immediately! You’ll Receive: 15 Spiritual Practices You Can Implement Right Away Tips on How Letting Go Clears Space How Using

Kindness, Generosity & Thoughtfulness: The Best Christmas Gift Ever

Thoughtfulness is the BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER! Today I received a surprise letter in the mail from my dearly departed mother. Yes, you read that right. The holidays can be an emotional time, yes? Joy, sadness, expectations, birth, loss, transition, change and stagnancy. Pain, happiness, memories, and reflections. A season of many emotions. Today I received a letter from my cousin, but only thing is it wasn't from him - it was from my mom. She had written to him to share our family tree and in his generosity, he forwarded it to me. What a joy it was and an emotional moment to open it and see her handwriting. It was as though (from my perspective) as if she knew I recently had an experienc

Dear Grief

December 4, 2017 Dear Grief, I run away from you, but you find me at every turn. Finally, I stop, slow down, and turn around. Here we are face-to-face, I allow you, grief. I allow grief and it does its work. I allow it to come upon me, pass through me, and move through to the other side. All the while, I remember that you cannot change the energy of love; love may change shape and form in the human world but in the spiritual realm, it transcends time and space. And the greatest of these is love. I write lovingly in my journal to my loved ones as I journal from my heart. Somehow, creating it on paper makes it transcend into my real world, human experience. When I spiritually connect through t

The Three Gs of Abundance

November 7, 2017 Gratitude - When we are grateful for what we already have, we live in a world of I am enough and I have enough. When we live in an “I don’t have/I want/I need” mindset, we create a gap between what is and what is to come. Growth – when we are playing small we are speaking our truths vibrationally out loud and on purpose. We are comfy, cozy right where we are and “right where we are” is where we will stay – yes indeed. When we are ready to reach, grow and expand, so does our world around us. Our entire universe shifts around us; it’s like one minute it’s nighttime and dark and the next the world spins ferociously on its axis and voila - it’s suddenly day. When we are open to

Leave the Meaning, Receive the Message

September 21, 2017 How Bats are Helping Me to Heal I feel compelled to share this with all of you in the hopes it reaches the persons who need to hear it. I awoke at 3:00 a.m. to see what I (incorrectly) thought were two black butterflies flying over my head in my bedroom. They weren’t butterflies; they were bats. While it’s common for bats to have babies during the summer months and get lost and confused on occasion and enter a home, there was such a deep message in this experience for me. I lost control of my feelings, had a meltdown and a breakdown. Sobbing uncontrollably, shaking, and overcome with fear, my youngest daughter invited me to take on the following practice: Mom, name the bat

The Secret Truth about Gratitude

July 19, 2017 A Different Perspective on Gratitude Being Grateful for Both the Pleasant and the Unpleasant We have all heard about having an attitude of gratitude. What does that mean to you? Does it mean making a list of all great things past and present for which we are grateful? Or possibly, a meaning of only allowing ourselves to have a “glass half-full mindset.” What if we were to collectively look at experiences both pleasant and unpleasant and exercise gratitude for them as well; for the aspects of daily living that come our way like losing a job, a breakup, or a major setback or disappointment? What if spirit called to us to look at those experiences as ones for which we could be gra