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Drawing From Your Spiritual Well

| Ann E. Agueli Drawing from Your Spiritual Well Silly Human Stuff is a phrase I coined as a kinder, gentler way of saying, “I’m getting in my own way.” Each and every one of us experiences our own silly human stuff in one way, shape or form. Whether it’s self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs or old stories. We wear these things like old suits we’ve grown out of, but just cannot seem to give them up. It’s like an old, tattered pair of pajamas – so worn yet so old, familiar and comfortable. Then we notice we are cold in those pajamas, we feel kind of run down (also known as “not good enough”) when we wear them and they really need to go. Sometimes it’s more comfortable to stay in the old and fami

Rising Out of the Ashes

December 29, 2016 Rising Out of the Ashes: Dying to Your Self Have you ever seen or known someone who had to start their lives all over again? Maybe it was you who had to start your life anew; not because of choice but because of circumstance. A devastating fire or a nasty divorce are just two examples of having to rise up from out of the ashes. Whether it was experiencing an unexpected death of a loved one, ending a painful relationship or losing the security of a job, every human being experiences loss. Looking over your shoulder, do you recognize that you did, in fact, survive? You may not have loved what was happening at the time, but the more time that passes, the less raw it feels. Lif

Rewrite Your Script

January 4, 2017 You've heard the saying that it's a New Year/New You. Why wait for a New Year to create or, better yet, recreate? There's no time like the present is a saying that works better. At any given moment, space or time, you can create a new you and rewrite an old script. Here are a few tips on how: Create the thought first. Ask yourself the question - what do I wish to create here? Don't chase the answer. Put the question on an imaginary shelf. Visualize the question on a shelf of its own, release any attachment to how it should look. Allow the answer to come toward you instead of chasing after it. When you seek the questions first, the answers will find you. When the answer finds