Hi, I'm Ann!

Certified Flourish-in-Life

Women's Coach

Award-winning Author


My only escape as a little girl…was my imagination.


Back in 2010, I was a single mom and working my "day job." I knew I had a calling and a purpose. Without any plan, I left my job, telling myself, "I don't know what I am going to do, but I know I cannot do this another minute longer." 

I guess you could say I took a leap of faith and my wings appeared. 

I went back to school, earned my Certificate of Editing at New York University, as well as many other writing, editing, marketing courses. I started my writing business coinciding with my spiritual transformation and became a family caregiver to my aging parents. I combined all my loves and The Inspired Living Network was born. 


My escape as a little girl was my imagination. The only safe place was inside my own head. There, I could create stories and control the story's ending in a happier way. By the time I was five years old, I knew I was a storyteller.


My understanding of life as a child was the world was not a soft place. As a teenager, I would lock myself in my room and write, write, write in my journal; pretend manuscripts that would be novels which would then, in turn, become movies. I wanted to move and inspire the masses with inspirational writing.  I imagined my writings to become screenplays up on the big screen. Then “real life” set in.

I did as I was told; became the good wife, the good mother, the good daughter. All the while I lost me. Wait a minute, I can’t say that I lost me because I never really got to find me outside of everyone else; so, there was nothing to find - yet. I began to search.

My "God Nods"

One day I walked into a Christian church and threw myself at God’s mercy; "God, I’ve made a mess in all areas of my life; please take this from me." With tears streaming down my face, sobbing, I walked down the aisle to the front of the church and asked one of the lay ministers to lay hands on me and pray. I declared Jesus as my lord and savior and invited him into my life. What happened next is nothing short of miracles.

I expected God to wave a magic wand and fix me, instead he showed me how to heal with Him. God is good.

I discovered (or rather uncovered) transformation through divine intervention. I was afraid of life and everything in it. I was a victim of life, luck, love, men, circumstances, fate, and money in my old mindset. I began to take on challenges one-by-one to overcome my fear. With God All Things are Possible.

I choose to believe that I am both spiritual and religious; I don’t have to be one or the other. I have the wisdom and discernment of the Holy Spirit imparted in me through the written word; I can heal, teach, and coach others from that vantage point. Writing to make a difference; one word at a time.


I am a cancer the crab – home and hearth are of the utmost importance to me. However, I am born on the cusp of Leo the lion – so when I do come out of my shell – (roar). I am shy and introverted, powerful and outgoing and most of all passionate. I love with all I have; my kids are my life. I love being by water. I love being a feeling, emotional, compassionate funny, inspired and inspirational woman/girl-child.


I am an overcomer and you are too; I’ve learned how to release:


·        fear of being seen

·        fear of the unknown

·        fear of failure

·        fear of rejection

·        I’m not good enough

·        perfectionism and procrastination

·        scarcity and lack

·        victim-hood


I’ve learned the art of embracing:


·        Embracing acceptance – acceptance for all the parts and pieces of me that make me a whole and also meeting others in relationship exactly where they are at

·        Embracing the unknown as a new adventure

·        Embracing God’s will for my life as better than my will for my own life – how powerful is that to give up so much control over our own lives – not coming from a place of conformity or complacence or victim-hood, but from a place of freedom

·        Embracing forgiveness as access to freedom

·        Embracing freedom as access to power!

·        LOVE trumps fear


We are not alone; we have our faith to hold on to; in this  moment, we are fine, we are safe, we are divinely supported, we are loved; recognize that no matter what you go through, God is there for you to lean on, to trust, to have faith in even when you don’t understand what’s happening; you can also close your eyes envisioning God wrapping you up in His mighty arms, His mighty strength and you can lay your head on His shoulder and you can be there with Him and He can be there with you as you invite Him along on the journey; trust Him enough to know He will provide the tools and the equipment for you to resolve all things on your own behalf and that He is always working it out for your greatest good. I am trusting, I am faithful, I am filled with the spirit, I am patient.


Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see. 

My Caregiving Side

When I was a young girl, I went to visit Grandma in a nursing home. My innocent self expected to see her in a pretty room with flower wallpaper; fresh flowers in a vase next to her bed, and her sitting up in bed with a big smile. Instead, my inexperienced eyes took in the reality of what it was really like to live in a nursing home. She was lined up outside in the hallway with dozens of other elders, as attendants tended to their duties.

Most of the elders were asleep in their wheelchairs, heads down with their chins almost touching their chests. My youthful mind decided; this is not acceptable; one day when I get older, I will do something about this. I went on to marry and raise a family and care for both my own parents because that is how I was raised.

Today, my mission, is to help make a difference.


No elder should leave without joy for a life well-lived, without peace, and without anticipated excitement for what’s next.